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16. 12. 2022.

Аутор: World Press Photo Извор: World Press Photo

Конкурс World Press Photo за најбољу фотографију

The annual World Press Photo Contest recognizes and celebrates the best photojournalism and documentary photography produced over the last year.

Enter your work for free and you could win €1,000 as a regional winner and an additional €5,000 as a global winner, have your work showcased to a global audience, and more.

Entries for the 2023 World Press Photo Contest are open until 10 January 2023, 13.00 CET. We are excited to welcome a multiplicity of stories and a diverse range of photographers from all over the world to enter the contest! 

Why should you enter?

Entering the World Press Photo Contest is free and open to all professional photographers working in the field of photojournalism and/or documentary photography.

As a winner, your work will be:

Included in our annual traveling exhibition seen by over 4 million visitors, shown around the world in over 100 cities

Published on our website and social platforms with over 2 million followers

Included in our yearbook

You will also receive:

€1,000 for each of the 24 regional winners and an additional €5,000 for the four global winners

An invitation to a Winners’ event in Amsterdam

A physical award

Find out more about prizes. 


Entries open: 1 December 2022, 13.00 CET (Netherlands time)

Entries close: 10 January 2023, 13.00 CET (Netherlands time)

Global winners announcement: April 2023

Flagship Exhibition 2023 opens in Amsterdam: April 2023

Do you want to be notified about any upcoming announcements regarding the 2023 Contest? Sign up here.


The 2023 World Press Photo Contest regional jury chairs, as well as the global jury chair have been confirmed:


Africa jury chair: Angela Jimu, Zimbabwe/Malawi, visual storyteller, co-founder and director, Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers (ZAFP)

Asia jury chair: Hideko Kataoka, Japan, photo editor, curator, educator, and director of photography, Newsweek Japan

Europe jury chair: Kateryna Radchenko, Ukraine, curator, and director, Odesa Photo Days Festival

North and Central America jury chair: Tomás Ayuso, Honduras, photographer and writer

South America jury chair: Felipe Dana, Brazil, photographer and photo editor, the Associated Press

Southeast Asia and Oceania jury chair: Maika Elan, Vietnam, photographer and photo editor

Global jury chair: Brent Lewis, United States, photo editor, The New York Times, co-founder, Diversify Photo

Together they form the global jury. The rest of the regional juries will be announced soon. Find out more about the judging process.

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